5 Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Probably Making

A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that 99 percent of contact lens users don’t know how to use contact lenses. Buying lenses has become easier than ever before due to availability of quality contact lenses online. However, this change would do little if people keep making mistakes when using these lenses. The section below would help you get acquainted about five contact lens mistakes most users end up committing.

Mistake #1: Taking a shower or swimming with the lenses on 

According to a recently conducted CDC survey on contact lens risk, as much as 84.9% respondents were found to have the habit of taking a shower with their lenses on. In addition, 61% said that they don’t take their lenses off when swimming. So, there are high possibilities that most users do either one of these two things. The main reason why exposing your contact lenses to water is not recommended is that water increases the chances of infection by transferring various aquatic microorganisms to the wearer’s eyes. Household tap water, which is often believed to be safe to drink, is also not 100% sterile; it contains microorganisms which might contaminate the contact lenses and lens cases when used for rinsing those objects.

Mistake #2: Not replacing the storage solution completely 

As much as 55% of the respondents in the above survey revealed that they don’t replace the storage solution completely. Instead, they top the previously used solution with a small quantity of fresh solution. You should never commit this mistake as using the same solution over and over again reduces the disinfectant’s effectiveness, while increasing the chances of contamination.

Mistake #3: Sleeping with the contacts on

The survey revealed that more than half of the respondents have the habit of sleeping with their contacts on. What’s even more alarming is that as much as 87.1% of the respondents said that they don’t take the lenses off when taking a nap.

It’s true that the problem faced due to these habits would be much less if you buy contact lenses designed for being slept in from LensesOnline, one of the most reliable lens suppliers operating in New Zealand. However, it’s better to take off the lenses before going to bed as studies conducted by CDC experts suggest that sleeping in any kind of contact lens can result in eye infection.

Are you wondering what makes wearing lenses while sleeping such a big no no? The biggest reason is because that habit stops the corneas from getting enough oxygen. For those who don’t know, oxygen plays a vital role in keeping the corneas healthy. In a study conducted in 2012, researchers found that dozing off with the lenses on can increase one’s chances of developing keratitis, a condition marked by inflamed corneas.

Mistake #4: Not replacing the contacts at the right time 

As a user you must be aware of the fact that every pair of contact lenses should be worn for a specific period of time. For example, when buying from top suppliers like LensWorld you will come across pairs that are daily disposables as well as pairs that you would need to replace every month. The main reason why replacing these lenses at the right time is a must, is for preventing your eyes from getting infected by microorganisms.

Ideally, you should never wear lenses once the date of expiry goes by; the rule would remain the same even if you didn’t wear those lenses regularly. Let us explain with an example.

Individuals who are using a pair of two-week contact lenses, but have worn them just a couple of times during the two-week period often commit the mistake of wearing the same pair even after the origination expiry date has gone by. This is something you should never do. Remember the time frame of two weeks doesn’t indicate that you will be able to wear the lens for 14 days. The time frame suggests that the lenses will remain effective for a period of two weeks irrespective of the fact whether you are wearing it or not.

Mistake #5: Not replacing the lens cases on time

If you want to avoid eye infection from lenses, changes your lens case regularly is an absolute must. Besides buying quality contact lenses online, you can also buy high quality cases online. So, getting a new case once in every two to three months shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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