7 Benefits Of Green Tea That You Should Know About!

Did you know that tea has the highest consumption rate for beverages in the world, only falling behind water? However, only 20 percent of the tea that is consumed is green tea, with black tea, making up the majority percentage at 70 percent. Green tea is made from non oxidized leaves and is among the least processed tea, making it rich antioxidant properties. The green tea which originated in China and India has been praised for its numerous health benefits. Green tea is made of vitamin B, potassium, caffeine, folate, magnesium among other antioxidants. Reports have shown that green tea can boost weight loss, prevent cardiovascular disease like cancer and reduce cholesterol in the body. Other studies have shown that green tea might be helpful in blocking plaque formation which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The following is a list of green tea benefits.

· Improves your memory

Research has shown that green tea is not just a caffeine that keeps you awake or energized, it can also boost your cognitive functions. Caffeine, which is contained in green tea acts by increasing the concentration of norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters that is known to improve brain function. A study done in Switzerland showed that people who consumed green tea had improved reaction time in the memory part of the brain. Green tea contains L-theanine amino acid, which works with caffeine to improve your brain function. Some people have reported feeling more energized, productive and more active after drinking green tea compared to coffee.

· Help lower cholesterol

High blood cholesterol in the body is linked to deadly cardiovascular diseases including heart disease. To avert the risk of high blood cholesterol, you can drink green tea to lower cholesterol levels in your blood. Green tea has tannins, which can naturally lower blood cholesterol levels in your body. Tannins act by reducing LDL cholesterol in your body, which can cause build up of plaques in the arteries. This might result in blockage of arteries that can lead to serious cardiovascular diseases, including stroke.

· Promotes healthy skin

Green tea contains a good number of antioxidants which is beneficial to healthy skin. Research has shown that consuming green tea may contribute to glowing skin by reducing inflammation and free radicals. Green tea has also been proven to be beneficial to the skin when applied externally. Cosmetics containing green tea can help in reducing the effects of sun damage.

· Prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Studies have shown that taking green tea can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Green tea might also protect your brain during old age. Studies have shown that catechin compounds that is found in green tea can help fight the formation of plaque which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

· Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Studies have shown that green tea can help control type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes usually involves increased blood sugar levels as a result of your body failing to produce enough insulin. Research has shown that green tea can increase the sensitivity of insulin, which helps the body cells to absorb blood sugar from the blood. This will help in lowering the level of blood sugar that is typical in type 2 diabetes.

· Boost weight loss

Green tea is made of caffeine and an antioxidants known as catechin which may be helpful in burning body calories. This may boost weight loss in overweight people. Some studies have claimed that the caffeine and flavonoids contained in green tea can increase fat oxidation, increase metabolic rate. One study revealed that participants who stuck to a diet consisting of green tea lost 2.9 pounds in 12 weeks. If you are in a weight loss program, you can choose green tea like Matcha, which is rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

· Lower the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world which is characterized by abnormal growth of cells. Studies have shown that green tea can aid healthy growth of cells at all stages. Some interim reports have also shown that green tea may help in destroying cancerous cells. A meta analysis study showed that women who consumed green tea a 22 percent lower risk of contracting breast cancer, which is common in women.