Consumer Protection

In one way or another, some of us fall into online scam, its either you never receive your product after purchase or you credit card details has been stolen and used by scammers. In this section of this website, we would like to educated you a bit about this online industry so you can be protected all time.

1- Do your homework before buying anything online.

Its easy to grab you card and push the numbers on the keyboard to purchase anything online, but you have to make sure that you are entering your card details in safe electronic place. its always better to deal with well-known merchants as they will have a security software installed on their website to protect your data. Big brands invest a lot of money to have the perfect online system as any mistake or complain from customers could hurt their reputation.

2- Try to use virtual debit cards when buying online.

If you are not sure of the merchants online security or if you are not familiar with the supplier or seller, we would highly recommend you using¬†virtual debit cards. There are a lot of service available where you can have an electronic debit card that you can put money into it and use it online. In this case you will only be handing your virtual card details not the original one so if the merchant is a scammer at least they don’t have your actual card number and with the virtual ones, you are free to keep changing the card numbers every time you want to purchase something online.

3- Make sure your computer is protected and has Antivirus installed.

If your home PC or your mobile phone has any kind of virus, make sure you clean it using any reputable software before you inter your card details in the website as this virus or buy could be able to save your details when used on the infected computer, so make sure that your computer is always protected and not accessible by any other person that you don’t know.